FAQ: Strategic Planning Process

How long is the planning process expected to take?

Each phase of the process will take 2-6 months. As the decisions on the strategic plan will guide the College for years to come, we intend to take the time necessary to move through each phase thoughtfully as a community.

How will priorities for the strategy be chosen?

During Phase 1, everyone who participates will have a chance to put forward ideas and goals. In Phase 2, the campus community will help shape and refine those, including through the planning, research, and review work of select committees that will involve faculty, students, administrators, staff, alumni, and trustees. By Phase 3, we expect to select a few overarching goals as well as a specific set of sub-goals that are critical to achieving them.

Will committees be appointed?

Yes, by Phase 2, leadership committees will be identified to play an instrumental role in shaping the ultimate strategic plan.

What are some of the desired outcomes of the strategic planning process?

Through this process, the College aims to set ambitious but achievable goals that will strengthen Lafayette’s ability to live up to every aspect of its mission in the most impactful and lasting ways possible.

What are some opportunities to voice ideas, thoughts, and concerns around Lafayette's strategic direction?

You can get involved at the outset through the many processes to contribute and participate that are outlined as part of Phase 1. Additional opportunities will be added to this website as they emerge, including a survey to gather further strategic-planning ideas and recommendations.